10 Tips to Secure Your Apartment for Under $30 (A Manly Guide)

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Tips to Secure Your Apartment
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Tips to Secure Your Apartment If you’re looking for simple and effective tips to secure your apartment without breaking your bank account then you’ve come to the right place……

Buying a ready-to-occupy or customized apartment is just one part of the story. There also is the need to ensure that the apartment remains in the best of the condition and also is safe and secure. It is common for most homeowners and tenants to hire professionals to take care of apartment security.

While there is no doubt that this could be a good decision, there are also many other options that could help you to secure your apartment without having to burn a big hole in the pocket.

How Do The Minds Of Burglars Work? 🤔

No burglar would like to get noticed as he or she attempts to rob or burgle a home. Hence, if they find that the home has surveillance cameras and other such monitoring systems, they would like to stay away from such homes.

Contrary to opinions and beliefs, robbers find day-time the most appropriate for burgling. This is because in most cases, the apartments and homes remain unoccupied and totally empty of human beings because of obvious reasons.

Robbers are intelligent in guessing whether an apartment is occupied or not. They look garbage bins, recycling containers and trashcans. A lawn that is unkempt and overgrown is a definite sign that the apartment is question could be unoccupied at a particular point in time.

Burglars always love to enter into a home without forced breakages as much as possible. They prefer improperly sealed or closed windows and doors as the easiest and safest means to break into a house and rob it.

Checking and testing the waters is a tactic that is often used by robbers and burglars. They knock at the front door or ring the bell and if there is a response from within, they come out with some vague and false stories. Professional robbers and burglars will not just break into the homes suddenly.

They certainly try and understand the overall plan of the home. They would rather break into the master bedroom instead of the kids’ bedroom. This is because they know for sure that some of the most valuable household belongings could be kept in the master bedrooms.

When we talk about intelligent security tips, we should bear in mind that robbers would not like to risk entering homes where there is the sound of a television or sound system running.

Now that we have some idea as to how the minds of the robbers work, we are happy to share some useful and pertinent information that could be quite efficient and useful. These ideas and tips will not cost a fortune and it could be completed just under $30. We firmly believe that they will be useful for all those apartment owners, who are running on a tight budget.

Further, it could be useful for those who are moving into an apartment on rent as a new entrant. Once a person decides to buy an apartment, in almost nine out of ten cases, he or she would have spent almost their entire savings and would also be in a big debt because of mortgage loans.

In such situations, spending a few thousand dollars more on answering for the question of how to secure an apartment could certainly be a tough ask.

They certainly would be on the lookout for cost-effective tips. We are sure that the following tips could be useful in more ways than one. They are all affordable but at the same time, we also believe that they are also efficient and perhaps even foolproof.

Get Inputs From The Local Police Station 👮

Expenditure: Free – No Cost

There is no doubt that each and every neighborhood has a police station. It contains complete information about the law and order situation, in general, It has full details regarding the number of successful and attempted break-ins robberies and other such criminal activities.

They also will be able to give specific details about the specific localities that are at higher risk for such break-ins and robberies. This will help you to plan your apartment security accordingly and incorporate special features in areas that are more at risk.

Quality Window Locks

Expenditure: Under $10

According to cops and also experts who research burglaries and robberies, windows are considered to be the most vulnerable when it comes to home security. The job for robbers becomes easier if your window is located near a fire escape ladder.

Hence, you must try and find out ways and means by which it is possible to strengthen your windows. Simple and low-cost window locks can do the job adequately well. You have many options to choose from, including window wedge, sliding window locks and burgle bars.

You must do your research and then choose the right taking into account the exact needs and requirements depending on the type of windows that you have in your apartments. They are easy to install and by following simple DIY tips, anyone should be able to install the same.

Window And Door Alarms

Expenditure: A Pack Of 4 would cost around $20

This is another extremely cost-effective way of protecting your apartments from burglaries. It takes just five minutes to install these alarm systems. They work the same way as window and door alarms that are installed by security companies.

You don’t have to pay anything extra for monitoring the same. The siren or alarm is built right into the sensor. The sensors also have keypads. These keypads help in arming and disarming the system.

When you are home, you could disarm the system and open the windows and doors and enjoy some fresh air, especially during summer. They are extremely useful and robbers are paranoid about touching homes that have door alarms and windows.

Glass Break Alarms

Expenditure: around $12 or $25 for four.

Glass break alarms are considered extremely useful and effective in preventing robberies and burglaries. You could go in for window bars, or even choose a shatterproof film. These make it extremely hard for robbers to break the glass of your windows.

There are also vibration alarm systems that can be placed right to your glass window and is capable of detecting vibrations. If there is an attempt to break the window or open the window when the alarm is set, it will send a warning signal.

This will alert your neighbors and will also deter to robber to carry on further with the robberies. I like these ones that you can get at Amazon.com.

Door Barricades

Expenditure: Below $30

It takes just around a minute to install door barricades. The door is the most common place where intruders try their luck out. Just locking the doorknob may not be enough to completely secure your home.

Unless you have a deadbolt lock, it is quite easy for robbers to break through your door. These days even deadbolt locks can be easily broken open using sophisticated bump keys. This is where door barricades could come in handy. Check out current pricing here.

This is a device that helps to physically keep the door closed. They are much more effective than deadbolt locks. They could be perfectly suitable for rented apartments where the owners do not permit drilling holes in the floor.

Door Stop Alarms

Expenditure: About $7

If you are not keen on choosing the barricade route and are looking at some other efficient security tips then going in for door stop alarms could be the right choice. There are many apartment inhabitants who do not like to use the barricades even during the day.

This has a simple technology and it does work quite effectively and efficiently as far as securing your home is concerned. The alarm sits on the floor and a lever is pushed down when somebody tries to open the door.

Once the lever is pushed down, it sets off an alarm and sends an alert that somebody might have entered through your door. You can check out the ones that I use at Amazon.com.

Dummy Security Cameras 🎦

Expenditure: Under $8

If you cannot spend big money on real security or surveillance cameras, it would be always better to look for something that is less expensive but also effective at the same time. You could install something that is not real but looks almost real.

This will make the intruders believe that they are entering a high-risk area. In nine out of ten cases, it has been found that intruders would prefer keeping away from homes. At the end of the day, burglars know that there is no point in robbing or burgling if the chances of getting caught are extremely high.

Just the thought that the home is a high-risk target is enough to keep the intruders away. We are talking about a dummy camera. They are low-cost but they look almost like real. In fact, at times even experts find it difficult to differentiate the dummy cameras from the real ones.

It comes with a blinking camera and it blinks, thereby giving it a near-natural look. The battery that powers the LED blinking lights lasts for many months. Yes, it is a fact that dummy cameras are not like real ones in terms of functionalities and features. It can have the desired impact on the intruders and robbers and act as a powerful deterrent.

You can, later, if you wish to go in for a real camera so that the real needs and requirements are taken care of. There are different models and makes of dummy cameras and if you do your research, you will be able to come across some of the best ones.

As mentioned above, they look as good as real cameras and it takes quite a bit of time and effort to make out that they are dummy ones. Robbers work under a lot of stress and time is against them always. Hence, it is almost impossible. These ones at Amazon are low-cost for a set of four.

Home Security Stickers

Expenditure: Just $8 for a whole pack.

Home security stickers, work almost like dummy security cameras. You can place stickers that talk about security systems on your doors and windows. In most cases, it will act as a deterrent and will shoo away possible intruders.

This is because they will be convinced the particular apartment may not be the right one to break into. You could install the security camera up there and back it up with a warning sticker stating that “the home is under camera surveillance”.Robbers will for sure be terrified and would rather try their luck elsewhere.

Hence, by spending a small amount, you could keep your home safe and in good condition. It would be better to buy these stickers along with a dummy camera. These are generally sold as a bundle along with dummy cameras.

Even if the intruders miss out on the cameras will most certainly not miss the colorful and eye-catchy stickers that have big words stating the fact that the home is under surveillance. You could also do away with the dummy cameras and instead go in for stickers making bold and fearful announcements.

You could use stickers that talk about the cameras and monitoring devices being placed out of sight and in indiscreet places

Solar Spotlights

Expenditure: $26

These are easy to install and cost-effective ways to protect your apartment from unwanted intruders and robbers. They offer around 45 feet of illumination range. They come in weatherproof casings. They certainly can work on the psyche of robbers and intruders.

This is because they would always like to carry on their work without being seen. These outdoor solar spotlights could give everything away as far as the robbers are concerned. However, it may not work on cloudy days and dark winter months because of the lack of sunlight that is needed to power the solar spotlights.

Also installing these could be against the rules at some apartment complexes.

Etched Glass Window Film

Expenditure: Under $15

This could be helpful for keeping prying eyes away from the insides of the apartment. It could keep valuables like jewelry, clothing, electronics, and furniture out of view. It will reduce the temptation psyche of the robbers.

It is user-friendly and can be installed using simple DIY steps. These window films while ensuring privacy do not hinder the flow of light inside the rooms. They are available both in readymade sizes and also customized sizes.

They do not have a sticky adhesive that could damage the window glasses. You must research and buy only fully opaque ones failing which it may not serve the purpose.


The above are some simple hacks and tips to secure your apartment will go a long way in enhancing overall apartment security. The inhabitants of the apartments or the apartment owners can do it on their own without the need for professional help (and the cost).

Finally, these tips are extremely cost-effective and could prevent big and gaping holes in your pocket in the name of professionally thought out and implemented apartment security tips and solutions.

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