10 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Front Door Security

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If you’re looking to save yourself from the possibilities of a potential home break-in, it is high time you consider upgrading your front-door security. But how exactly do you get your security a notch- above? What measures should you take? Let’s explore!

First Upgrade your Locks

Locks are one of the most essential aspects of your front door security. So, before anything else, you need to invest in a good set of locks. One of the best options here would be a deadbolt lock. These locks are solid, hardy and incredibly useful.

Once you get the lock, make sure the deadbolt of your door completely extends to the opening of the door jam. This should be further reinforced with a strong metal strike plate.

Also, while choosing a lock, do make sure that the bolt doesn’t have any exposed set of exterior screws. This will ensure an added layer of security.

Finally, you should also take the time to reinforce your existing key locks. Using cylinder guards is a good idea here. These guards around your locks will prevent from trying to wrench your locks loose.

Next, Get a Security Screen

Having two doors is always better than having a single one. And this is exactly why you need a security screen. For the uninitiated, security screens are the pierced metal barriers that have enough space for extra locks. They are usually installed in the open along with the point of the ingress. This, in turn, prevents the possibility of attacks that involve kicking your door wide open.

The extra locks in the security screen will also prevent the possibilities of covert entry. This is because you have an added deadbolt and knob as an add-on for the security of your front door. The best part: since these security screens have pierced openings, you can easily open the door and see everything that’s happening outside without involving in the risk of getting yourself outside. Security screens offer more vision than regular peepholes.

While choosing a security screen for your front door, make sure the product is durable enough here is a nice one on Amazon.com. A durable and high-quality product will go a long way in preventing destructive entry. In fact, the stronger the metal is, the better will be your defense.

Then Lengthen the Set Screws

If you’re looking for a quick, affordable DIY home security hack, this is one of the best ways to go about it. For this, all you must do is replace your existing set screws with longer, 3-inch screws. But how does this work in the first place? Well, the idea is simple.

Thief Kicking The Door - front door security tips

When your standard door is kicked, the pressure is exerted by the bolt of your deadbolt. Now, when you have smaller set screws, your strike plate will only be secured till the door trim. Since this trim isn’t usually strong, the strike plate will be easily destroyed.

Finally, your bolt won’t be able to extend anywhere. Luckily, with 3-inch set screws, you’d be biting along the stud of your door jam. This will further prevent your strike plate from being easily destroyed.

Consider Strengthening the Glass Surfaces

Broken glass front door outside

Most front doors are located at a proximity with windows. Some of them even feature glass windows on them. Either way, both the arrangements can cause major damage to your front door security, if not addressed the right way. There are three ways in which you can deal with the issue.

First, get rid of the glass so that if someone smashes it, they won’t be able to get their hands inside for manipulating the thumb turn on the other end.

Next, try installing bars on the glass. As you do this, make sure the bars are close enough, thereby preventing the possibility of anyone reaching them. Finally, place a security film on your windows to offer an extra notch of security.

This will keep your windows safe and prevent the possibility of sudden, unannounced disruptions. You can order a roll of security film from Amazon.com click here to check the current price.

If Possible Get a Surveillance System

If you really want to protect your loved ones from potential danger, it is high time you invest in a good surveillance system. A good security system will help you deter burglars while also identifying intruders. But in order for this to happen, you need to place the camera the right way.

To start off, try to place the camera right above your front door. Make sure this is completely visible from your subsequent street. Now, get another camera and position it directly, pointing to your door. This will further ensure that you get the footage from different angles. Since this will also give you the footage of the intruder’s face, it is especially useful.

Here is the wireless camera system that I use. I bought this from Amazon a few months ago and so far it’s worked great and super easy to set up. You can click this link to see it at Amazon.com.

In addition to deterring burglars, the right security system will also play a major role in helping you monitor your deliveries and kids when they play outside. At the end of the day, you’ll be at complete peace of mind.

Strengthen your Door Frame

If you’re really looking forward to proper home security, take adequate measures in strengthening your door frame. While most external doors are built quite sturdy, not all of them fall under this category. Also, if your door is hollow in the interior, it’ll be easy to break through even if its body is made from metal.

So, before anything else, check if your front door is completely solid. Double-check to ensure that it isn’t hollow in the interior parts. Since solid wood doors are much better than their hollow core variants, it is always better to invest in a good, solid door frame.

Also, while you strengthen the front door, don’t ignore your back doors either. Ideally, your back door will need the same degree of security as your main door. So, add deadbolts, sophisticated locks, and strike plates to your back door as well.

If your door is sliding, try getting key locks both at the top and the bottom. Alternatively, you can also get a metal rod and fit it along your door’s track. This will prevent it from automatically sliding open, while you’ve locked the door.

Door Jammers and Security Bars

Another way to strengthen the security of your front doors is by using sophisticated tools. While there are many tools that can help you here, some of the top options include:

Door lock Reinforcer – These tools are positioned along with the existing lock of your door for offering extra security when someone picks or tries to break the lock for forcefully entering your house.

These reinforcers are extremely portable, and you can conveniently install them by snapping them in place along with the lock. However, before investing in a good reinforcer, check if the device works with your lock because certain products don’t work well with smart and horizontal locks.

Door Jammers- Made from plastic or steel, door jammers are yet another common measure for notching up your front door’s security. Ideally, a door jammer will be placed on the floor while having a distance of at least half an inch from your door.

These devices are pressure mounted for added portability and can be easily removed during emergencies. Click here to see an example of a door jammer.

Door Security Bars- These devices are kept right at the center of your door for preventing burglars from directly kicking your door. While some are hardware mounted variants, others can be easily installed with their pressure-mounting functionality.

Available in plenty of shapes and sizes, you can easily adjust these bars with the width of your door.

Get Wide-Angled Peep Holes

One of the most common ways criminals intrude your privacy is by knocking on your door or ringing the doorbell. Once you gullibly answer the door, they forcibly intrude in your property. Yes, this can even happen when your door is partially open.

A good way to avoid this issue is by getting wide-angled peepholes. Once you have this installed, you’d get to know if the person at the other end of the door is carrying any harmful tools.

Consider Instaling Metal Grills

If you have a glazed or semi-glazed door, you can always notch up its security by getting decorative metal grills in the interior of your door. Alternatively, you can also add a protective layer along the back of your door’s glass.

If you’re planning to replace the glass or purchase side panel or glazed door, make sure the glass is completely laminated. In this way, it’ll hold itself in place even when it is completely shattered. Also, when a laminated door is installed from the interior, it can’t be easily removed from outside, thanks to its solid beading.

Strike Box

A strike box will strengthen your front door and prevent intruders from barging into your home. This is usually done by getting the existing strike plates replaced with a stronger structure that features a metal pocket, big plates, and a strong connection to the wall studs. For accommodating this added feature, you’ll have to enlarge both the recesses of your cover plate as well as the hole in your jam.

The Bottom Line

Once you adopt the given measures you will successfully end up securing your front door against burglars, strangers, and intruders. Since the given hacks are easily accessible and simple to follow, we are sure it won’t take you much time to get through.

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