Author: M.D. Creekmore

Why Does the Dumper Contact the Dumpee

Why Does the Dumper Contact the Dumpee? (Top 10 Reasons)

Going through a break-up is rarely an easy time, but it can be made a whole lot worse if your ex-girlfriend keeps trying to contact you; it will more often than not make the break-up more difficult for you in the long run, but there are several reasons why this […]

12 DIY Home Security Hacks for Under $100

by Tom Being one of the responsible property owners out there, it’s your duty to keep your residence protected as well as safe. However, it is not the fact that you will be able to do so only by investing a considerable amount of cash. There are many ways to […]


10 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Front Door Security

If you’re looking to save yourself from the possibilities of a potential home break-in, it is high time you consider upgrading your front-door security. But how exactly do you get your security a notch- above? What measures should you take? Let’s explore! First Upgrade your Locks Locks are one of […]

Tips to Secure Your Apartment

10 Tips to Secure Your Apartment for Under $30 (A Manly Guide)

If you’re looking for simple and effective tips to secure your apartment without breaking your bank account then you’ve come to the right place…… Buying a ready-to-occupy or customized apartment is just one part of the story. There also is the need to ensure that the apartment remains in the […]

how to tie a knot

How to Tie a Knot That Won’t Come Undone

Do you know how to tie a secure knot? Well, every man should know how to tie a knot and you’re a man, right? Okay, then let’s get to it. Below are ten knots that every man should know how to tie. I suggest that you get some rope and […]

How Often Should You See Your Girlfriend

Exactly How Often Should You See Your Girlfriend?

How Often Should You See Your Girlfriend – that’s a good question! Let’s get that answered so you don’t make the BIG DATING MISTAKE! For most people, dating is usually not a cakewalk. Lucky are those that meet that special someone that magically hit it right off the first date […]

How to date a single mom

How to Date a Single Mom [The Ultimate Guide]

So you’ve got an eye on a single mom. You like her because she’s strong, smart and beautiful but you are afraid to start something serious with her just because she is a single mom. There are many who encourage you to go for it but there are also many […]