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Best Supplements to Lower Blood Pressure for Men

High blood pressure “runs” in my family, and like many others in my family my numbers kept rising slightly every year and then a few months ago I checked it and it was 170/100! However, I think a lot of that rise had to do with stress and anxiety over […]

Myths and Misconceptions About High Blood Pressure

Myths and Misconceptions About High Blood Pressure

It is advantageous to be adequately informed about high blood pressure, and what causes it and also the most common myths about it so you can make smart decisions when it comes to treatment and lowering your blood pressure. I’ve listed and detailed the most common high-blood pressure myths below… […]

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What Causes High Blood Pressure in Men

High blood pressure occurs when the blood pressure levels of a person stays very high for a long period of time. The blood pressure results from the fact that each heartbeat blood is pumped from the heart, into the blood vessels. The blood exerts pressure on the vessel wall from […]