14 Cheap Date Ideas For a Small Town (That Don’t Suck!)

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Cheap Date Ideas For a Small Town
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Cheap Date Ideas For a Small Town


In the city, there are always cool places to take a woman on nearly every block, but for those of us who live out in rural areas coming up with great date ideas can be a challenge… but all isn’t lost! There is hope! And the great thing is that most “country girls” would much rather go on one of the dates that I’ll talk about below than to some overcrowded dance club or coffee shop.

However, it should be noted that most of the date ideas below aren’t meant to be the first date, but date ideas for after you’re already dating and been on a few dates already. There are exceptions of course, like say for example that you’ve been friends for a while and decide to take the next step and go on an actual date.

The reason that most of these ideas aren’t the best choice for a first date with a woman who you have just met a couple of days before is that both men and women have to keep their safety in mind, however, women need to be extra cautious in this regard.

You want her to be comfortable and not worried that you’re some crazy killer who is trying to get her out to someplace private where she is more vulnerable to being raped or worse. So the first few dates should be to someplace public where you can get to know her and where she can feel safe.

Okay, let’s get started with 14 Cheap Date Ideas For a Small Town (That Don’t Suck!)

14 Cheap Date Ideas For a Small Town (That Don’t Suck!)

Take Her ATV Riding

There is an untold secret that can change the way you date forever. If you want to win your date over, your best bet is to get her adrenaline going up – and that’s the main takeaway of this dating idea. ATV riding is a rush! Once your date associates you with that adrenaline rush and adventurous feeling, she won’t be able to wait to see you again.

Adrenaline aside, this is incredibly fun! There is no way you can have a bad day if you go ATV riding. You can take your date out and have the best time simply riding around. You can also take a guided tour and explore around as you ride on a three- or four-wheel ATV.

Once the adventure is over, you can take one last spin together on the same vehicle. You can ride together talking about life and each other. That’s how you close a great evening filled with adventure – with an intimate moment together.

Take Her Fishing

You might think fishing is a man’s only thing or, worse, a boring idea. And you couldn’t be more wrong: fishing is the perfect occasion to enjoy a one-on-one evening with your SO (or future SO) where you can talk, laugh, and share a moment with each other. You can also bring a cooler with you and drink while you are at it – that always makes things more fun!

Still not convinced? Picture this: you are both sitting down, facing the beautiful blue water, together. Fishing rods are in place and you are waiting for the fish to take the bait. While you wait, you take a sip of your drink of choice and talk about each other – your childhood memories, your passions, your future. As your chat slows down, a fish quickly takes the bait and you are both struggling together trying to get it out of the ocean. After a couple of hours, you go back with plenty of fishes and a handful of memories together.

It’s both intimate and exciting in its own way!

Take Her To The Range

Instead of sitting down waiting for the fish to bite, you can stand up and shoot your stress away. Going to the range is an incredible date idea – one that not too many people think about or would even attempt! But here’s the thing: it’s easy to do, safe, and not expensive at all. It also has that adrenaline element you know is key for a successful, unforgettable date!

If you know your way around guns, you have a hole in one in the making! You can teach her all about it and have a blast at the shooting range. If you don’t know anything about weapons, most ranges offer a lesson plus some time at the range to practice – you’ll learn something and have fun!

On the other hand, if either one of you doesn’t like weapons, plenty of ranges have a gunpowder-free alternative. You can ask for a bow and arrow lesson and shoot away, old-school style! Maybe Cupid will return the favor and shoot an arrow your way as well!

A Day at The Park

If you are on a budget, you can still go out on a date and have a wonderful time. Most towns in the world have a beautiful park somewhere in them. All you have to do is look for the right one and plan your evening out.

You can walk around the park and enjoy each other. Buy a little something to eat, have a picnic, and enjoy delicious food while you spend the day out while you enjoy each other’s company. Maybe you can feed the ducks if there’s a pond!

A walk in the park is a simple idea and somewhat of a cliché – but in every cliché, there’s a little bit of truth. Spending the day at the park is a stereotypical date for a reason! The fresh air, all that green, and happiness around you – that’s the perfect place for a simple, awesome date!

Take Her to A Local Museum

If you are looking for a little bit more substance rather than spending the day in the park, and still want for a calm, quiet place to spend the evening on, you might want to check around the local museums. Especially if either one of you (or both) love art!

The wonderful thing about museums is that you can either drop around unannounced and have a great time or take a guided tour and learn about the backstory behind each piece.

A couple of museums have other activities you can check out if you want to. Exhibits also change all the time, so there’s always something new to see. You can hit the museum every once in a while and make it your favorite date spot for both of you to enjoy!

Take Her to a Local Sporting Event

If art and silence isn’t the best thing for you, there are places you can go together for a date and a show! A local sporting event is amazing and has plenty of things to offer besides what’s going on down at the field: there’s food, drinks, excitement – you might be lucky and get to do the wave while you’re there!

There are plenty of sports you can try and different levels to watch. There’s no need to go to the Superbowl in order to enjoy a football match. Nor you need to hit a UFC event to watch MMA. College-level and amateur events are a fun, cheap way to watch sports too.

Here’s the great thing about sport events as a date: if you both love the same team, you can make it a recurring thing! You get to wear your team’s jersey and spend the day together. You’ll get a drink after if the team losses and curse at whoever is to blame – or get a drink together and celebrate if you win!

Go To An Improv Class Together

Do you want to have some fun and learn something new altogether? There’s a place where you can enjoy action, adventure, comedy, and tragedy all at once – and it’s a different script every time! If you love acting and want to have a fun date, improv classes it’s the best way to do it.

Not only you’ll learn a rather useful skill (acting will come in handy in most areas of life) but you’ll have tons of fun during classes. Plus, you’ll both get to do most dialogues and scenes together. That means you’ll have fun and bond while you are at it!

The best part is, most improv classes are really cheap – some places give them for free!

Drive The Back Roads

If you feel adventurous and ready for a date, you can grab your car and hit the unknown part of your town. Hitting the back roads is a great way to discover new places – places where people usually don’t know or don’t get to go, which makes them great for an exciting, intimate time together with your date!

There’s no need to worry if you don’t know your way around the back roads. All you have to do is download any of the multiple back roading apps there are available for iPhone or Android and you are ready to go!

Take Her Hiking

Do you want to go out and explore but have no car to drive through the back roads with? No problem! You can pick a comfortable outfit and get ready for a day out exploring. Hit your favorite trail to sightsee and exercise at the same time. Or choose a new route to explore with your date!

Remember to bring a bottle of water for each one of you and keep your phone charged before you leave. Hiking is amazing – but it’s also tiring and you can get lost easily if you don’t know where you are going. It’s nothing that cannot be fixed with water, food, and the map on your phone!

Take Her Bowling

A little competition might be the right thing to spice things up. Bowling is a fun, easy to understand, and an easy to play game. Even if you or your date never played before, they’ll learn in no time and have fun while they practice!

You can also go the extra mile and order something to eat while you play. There’s nothing better than having some beer and a little bit of food in between each turn. The best thing about bowling food is that it’s really cheap – but try not to go overboard with the beer or you won’t be able to hit a strike!

Make sure it’s a fun match and keep the banter friendly, that way, you’ll have a successful date no matter who wins.

Go Shoot Pool

Does bowling seem like a boring thing to do? Or perhaps is too much of a hassle to find a bowling alley that’s available? No worries, you can still scratch that competitive itch and go out on a date at the same time!

There are more than plenty of places that have pool tables available. Most of them are bars, where the owners are more than happy to let you play as long as you get a drink during the game!

If you are good enough, you can turn your date into a double date and play against another couple that’s down there – whoever losses pay for the drinks!

Take Her Camping

One of the best things you can do for a date is getting out of your town. Dates are all about taking a break from routine and trying something new and exciting with someone you like. And the best way to do it is to drive away from the places you see every day.

You don’t need much to go out camping. A tent, a backpack with camping utilities, two beds, food, and drinks – that’s it! If you don’t have some of these things (like a tent), you can rent them for cheap instead of buying a new one. You probably know someone who can lend it for free as well!

Nature is amazing. It’ll calm you both as you take a break from the everyday madness of routine. Everything is better out in the wild – dates included.

Star Gazing From The Bed of Your Pickup Truck

You already know nature is amazing – but there’s more than green out there! You can look around and be amazed, or you can look up and be bewildered. Stars and other planets are all above us waiting to be seen. You only need to know where to look – or rather, where to look from.

For a simple date idea, you can get on your pickup truck and drive away from town – or at least, away from most lights. That way, you can get to witness the clearest sky possible. The sky at night is one of the most shocking spectacles nature has to offer.

You can amp up your date with a little reading beforehand: the internet has more than its fair share of knowledge about astronomy – that’s the perfect complement to wow your date away!

Build a Bonfire

If you have ever been around a bonfire, you know that’s the place where intimate conversations happen – it’s where bonds are created.

There’s something magical about a bonfire: the warmth, the sounds of crackling wood, and the sheer spectacle of fire right in front of you. A bonfire during a cold winter night is ten times better than the most expensive date money can buy – if you are with the right person.

A bonfire is also the perfect place to cook simple homemade recipes with a little fire-y twist. We all know and love the classic bonfire and marshmallow combination, but there’s plenty of recipes online you can try!

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