How Can I Make My Girlfriend Dump Me? (9-ways to do it)

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how to get girlfriend to break up with you
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how to get girlfriend to break up with youBY Michael_Florentin

Are you wondering how to get your girlfriend to break up with you? If you are, then you aren’t alone. A big part of dating is realizing that most relationships don’t last. For one reason or other things won’t work out with most of the girls you date. Hopefully, you’ll get lucky one day and find the right girl, and maybe you’ll even get married if that’s what you want.

But, if you’ve figured out that the girl you are dating right now probably isn’t the one, then finding a way to get out of the relationship should be a priority for you. Life is short, why waste it being unhappy?

Maybe you just don’t have time for a girlfriend right now, or maybe you’ve met someone else you are interested in. No matter what your reasons, if it’s time for a relationship to end, then it’s time for it to end.

Now, the easiest way to end a relationship is simple, end it yourself and break up with her. But, a lot of guys hate doing this. There’s the crying. Then the anger and yelling. Breaking up with a girl that you have been dating for a while can be ugly.

Maybe you really do like her and think you’d be great friends, but breaking up with her can ruin any chance of that. Maybe you are still really attracted to her and think a friends with benefits arrangement would be great, but if you dump her you can probably kiss that fantasy goodbye.

So, instead of figuring out how to break up with her, why not get her to break up with you instead? The following are suggestions on how you can get her to decide it’s time for your relationship to end, letting you off the hook for what could have been an ugly break up.

1. Let Your Hygiene Start To Slip

If you want to get your girlfriend to start to reconsider whether or not to keep you around, then decreasing your intimacy is a great way to start. How can you do this without being so obvious? Well, how about cutting down on the grooming and bathing? If you start to smell bad and stop manscaping, then she’ll probably be quite turned off by it. Then you won’t be intimate as often, and that wedge you are trying to put between the two of you will start to take shape.

2. Let Yourself Go A Bit

Now, it should go without saying, but letting yourself go can be a slippery slope. On the one hand, if you put on a few pounds it could make your girlfriend less attracted to you. This can reduce your intimacy, and start to put a strain on your relationship so she’ll want to put an end to it. On the other hand, once you start down this path it’s easy to get stuck and have a hard time getting yourself back to looking your best. This is obviously problematic because once you are single the last thing you want is to not look your best so you can start to enjoy dating again.

But, if you decide to go down this path it could be quite successful in getting you what you want. Try eating less healthy and start cutting down on going to the gym, or quit altogether. Adding a few pounds will not only make you less attractive, but it will also show your girlfriend that you don’t care about your appearance anymore. With any luck at all this will get her to want to end things sooner rather than later.

3. Start To Be A Little Disgusting, Or Even A Lot Disgusting

If you want to send your girlfriend running for the hills, then start being disgusting around her. Cuddle up with her on the couch at night, then pass gas. You can far or burp, in either case, she’s likely to find this disgusting, and rightfully so. You might also consider picking your nose, and not brushing your teeth as often.

The idea here is to make yourself less appealing. This will not only make her less likely to want to be intimate with you, but it will also make her more likely to not see you like a good long term partner. If being a little disgusting doesn’t work you can always ramp things up.

Trying farting after sex. That right there is enough to send most girls packing. Sure, it’s gross, but it still beats having to deal with the fallout of a bad breakup.

4. Don’t Talk To Her As Much

If you want a more subtle approach, you can start to distance yourself from her by breaking down the lines of communication. The key to maintaining any healthy relationship is open and honest communication. So, if you are dating someone, and want to end it, then doing the exact opposite makes sense.

Start by not calling or texting her as often. Then, during meals start using your phone instead of talking to her. If she tries to initiate a conversation, keep your answers short and act like it’s bothering you that she’s talking to you. This is a great way to show her that you don’t care about her feelings, which can help to build the foundations for a quick break up.

5. Be Cheap

Birthdays, anniversaries, and other important events are usually marked with some type of gift or celebration. Doing something nice for a girl you really like on a special occasion shows her that you care and want things to work out with her.

So, what do you do if you don’t care and don’t want things to work out with her? Well, do the opposite of course! Buy her cheap gifts that are thoughtless. Nothing shows a girl you are dating that you are neglecting her quite like a cheap or thoughtless gift.

If you want to take things to the next level you can even forget about important events. If you take this approach you’ll probably have an unhappy girlfriend you’ll have to put up with, but the good news is she should get fed up and leave you sooner rather than later.

6. Make Date Night A Thing Of The Past

When you first start dating a girl you probably look forward to spending time with her and want to impress her. So, you take her out places to show her a good time. You want to impress her and show her you are most definitely interested. So, now it’s time to do the opposite, so what do you do?

First, forget about date night. No more taking her out to nice restaurants, or out dancing, or even to the movies. Your new idea of date night should be sitting on the couch with a pizza watching the game, and totally ignoring her whenever possible. How do you celebrate an anniversary?

At a fast food restaurant of course. By not spending time and money on her your girlfriend will feel neglected, and will hopefully want to end things with you in short order.

7. Spend Time With Your Friends Instead Of With Her

If you want to learn how to get your girlfriend to break up with you, then try spending as much time away from her as possible. Go out with your friends and come home late. Invite them over all the time and be loud and obnoxious. Make a mess around the house and make her feel uncomfortable.

The idea here is to show your girlfriend that your friends are more important to you than she is. That’s a great way to get a girl to realize that a relationship has no future, and put an end to things relatively quickly.

8. Turn Your Home Into A Pigstye

If you really want a girl to feel neglected then try making a horrible mess around your home and never clean up after yourself. Leave dirty dishes everywhere, don’t rinse the sink after you shave, and throw your dirty laundry everywhere.

A girl that feels like a maid instead of your significant other will usually get fed up pretty quickly. You can start out slowly, then if she’s still not getting frustrated you can continue your onslaught and ramp things up becoming more and more of a slob as time goes on.

9. Let Her Catch You Checking Out Other Girls When You Are Out Together

This one can be risky, but any girl with any level of self-esteem will get infuriated if she sees you checking out other girls when you are with her. As a guy, you check out girls all the time. It’s what we do. We know we do it, and our girlfriends know we do it too.

But, it’s the kind of thing normally done with some sense of subtlety. Sure, you probably check out the butt of a cute girl that walks past you, and you might even get caught every once in a while. But, when you are blatant about it, that’s when sparks will fly. Do it often enough and those sparks may ignite the fire it takes for her to end things with you.

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