How To Pick Up A Woman In A Grocery Store

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Pick Up A Woman In A Grocery Store
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How To Pick Up A Woman In A Grocery Store Or Supermarket

Everyone goes grocery shopping and for that reason, the supermarket can be a great place to meet beautiful women.

Where is the best place to meet women… most guys would say a bar or night club, but they would be wrong! The number one best place to meet women is at a grocery store or supermarket. Why you ask, well because every woman has to go to both often giving you the chance to meet and talk to them in a safe relaxed atmosphere.

It’s really simple…

First, you get eye contact and hopefully a smile, you go up and start a conversation about something in the store or ask a question about something in the store, talk for a few minutes to gauge her interest, and ask her for her number.

Let me explain by elaborating on each and by giving you some awesome bonus tips on how to pick up a woman at a grocery store or supermarket… You like step-by-step details and action plans right… of course, you do. Now let’s get started.

How You Dress is Important

Anytime that you leave your house you should always look the absolute best that you possibly can. You don’t want to go out in public looking like you just rolled out of bed. You want to look your best but not like you put a lot of effort into it.

The first thing is to be clean. Take a shower, shave, cut your nails, put on deodorant. See I told you it was simple… however, you’re not ready yet… nope you need to put on some clothes and a couple of accessories…

When it comes to choosing what clothes to were when trying to attract women at a grocery store it’s best to keep it casual after all you’re supposed to be there to get your groceries and that’s how you should dress. You should also keep the type of woman that you want to attract in mind as you put together what you’re going to wear.

To put it into a visual perspective you want to dress more like Hank Moody in the show Californication and not like this dude who thinks that looking like a douchebag pimp (what he calls peacocking) is the way to attract women… it’s not.

Dress Like Hank Moody Guide

If you want to actually dress like Hank Moody, it’s not a bad idea, I’ve put together a shortlist of clothing, shoes, and accessories that’s very similar to what he wore in the Californication TV series.


The first step is what I call scoping. Scoping put simply is looking for eye contact…  Do this the right way and you will know when a woman is interested in you but do it the wrong way and you’ll come off looking like a creep.

I know that you want to think that every woman is attracted to you and wants you. But the fact of the matter is not all women are interested in you. That’s where scoping comes in, scoping will allow you to know (with confidence) in seconds if a woman is attracted to you and open to your approach.

When walking through the supermarket be scanning for eye contact… aka scoping. Do this in a natural kinda way and don’t be creepy about it. If you pass by a woman who you find attractive then look at her face and into her eyes if she looks back and holds eye contact with you for a few seconds give her a little smile (not a big goofy smile).

If she smiles back then that’s a great sign of attraction and approachability… maybe… or she could just be being friendly. I can instinctively tell when a woman is attracted to me with the first eye contact, I can see it in their facial expressions and body language.  I can also tell when a woman isn’t interested.

But if you can’t then you can always confirm by getting second eye contact from her. To confirm her interest you simply look away after a few seconds into the first eye contact and then you look back with a smile… if she reciprocates then you’re golden!

Walk up or stop whatever you’re doing at that instant and talk to her. Don’t be shy, start talking right then because if you don’t and just pass her by she will think you’re not interested or just wasn’t man enough to stop and speak to her. Your lack of confidence will be obvious to her and will lower her attraction.

How To Start A Conversation

Forget about cheesy pickup links and other non-sense. Forget about all of the crap you’ve read in all of those books about how to pick up a woman. Forget patterning, and other tricks and gimmicks taught by the so-called “pickup artists”.

A man and a woman meeting, talking and getting to know each other is a natural process and there isn’t any need to overthink or complicate it.

It doesn’t matter much what you say, the important thing is to say something. With that said, you shouldn’t just go up and ask for her number, while that could work sometimes if her attraction is very high and she is really horny, but most of the time it won’t work and opens you up for rejection.

Pick Up A Woman In A Grocery Store

What you say doesn’t have to be witty, and no need to over complicate it… remember have a normal conversation. No tricks, no gimmicks, no manipulation, just two adults meeting at a grocery store.

And yes, you might still get rejected even after confirming her attraction through eye contact. She might be attracted to you but not interested in getting to know you because she might have a boyfriend, she could be married, or any number of other reasons that have nothing to do with you.

And at this point, she doesn’t know anything about you other than the fact that you are good at holding eye contact so how would she know enough about you to want to give you her phone number?

You’re going to have to talk to her, talking to her in a normal conversation will give her time to get more comfortable with you… and who knows after you talk to her a few minutes you might realize that she isn’t your type and decide to move along and find someone more suited to your liking. Look at this step as the qualifier for you as well as for her.

But how do you start a conversation with a complete stranger that you just saw and made eye contact with at the grocery store? Well, the best way (and safest) is simply to say something spontaneous and relevant to the situation.

Since you’re both at the supermarket it’s easy to start a conversation about something inside the market for example if it’s really crowded you could say something like… wow, if I knew it was going to be this crowded today I’d waited to later to stop… what time do you think the best to shop here?

Or you could ask for her advice on choosing the best canned soup or something else… for example… hold up a couple of cans and say, I’m trying to decide on which one of these brands to buy… have you tried either?

What you say doesn’t have to be witty, and no need to over complicate it… remember have a normal conversation. No tricks, no gimmicks, no manipulation, just two adults meeting at a grocery store.

Okay, now you might have noticed that both of the examples above asked a question and that’s on purpose. You want to ask a question to see how she responds. If she responds in a nice manner with a smile and seems like she wants to keep talking to you then you’re good to go… keep the conversation going by simply springboarding off your original question and her answer and then shift the conversation to other topics as appropriate.

When talking to a woman it’s best to say little about yourself unless she asks, instead try to keep the conversation about her as much as possible. Ask her questions like… what do you like to do for fun when you’re not shopping at the XYZ store? Those shores look great on you… my sister’s birthday is coming up and I’d get her a pair just like them… where did you get those at?

At this point, you should be able to tell without any doubt whether or not she is interested in you by instinct. However, here are a few signs to look for if you’re still not sure…

Is she still making and holding eye contact with you as you talk? Of course, there will be periods of breaking eye contact during the conversation, this is normal, but if she is catching and holding eye contact a little more than normal then that’s a great sign.

Does she play with her hair? Women do this instinctively when talking to a man they are interested in because she is trying to look her best when talking to you and wants to make sure her hair is looking as perfect as it can in that situation.

Does she ask you questions? If she is interested then she would want to know more about you and the best way for her to do that is to ask you questions about yourself.  She wants to know more about you and that’s great!

Does she touch you during the conversation? Now, this is something that a lot of women won’t do even when they are really interested in you. Touching a man she has just met during a conversation could be seen as being forward or sexually aggressive and most won’t do this… however… if she does then you are likely only hours away from getting laid if that’s what you’re looking for.

Okay, now that you know a few of the most common signs that she is interested let’s look at a few common indicators that she isn’t interested in you. Does she look past you or keep looking away in the other direction? If so then that a good indication that she is not interested and is looking for a way to exit (escape) the conversation.

Does she give short answers when you ask a question? Yes, and no one-word answers to questions that need or could be elaborated on isn’t a good sign. But then she could just be shy so pay attention to other indicators.

Does she bring her boyfriend or husband up during the conversation even though you didn’t ask? If so then she is wanting to let you know that she is already taken and not interested in you at this time.

Getting Her Number

You want to talk to her for five or ten minutes before asking for her number. You want to keep it short because you want to look like you have a busy life full of purpose (and you should have), and a man with a full life isn’t going to be able to stand in the store and talk for two hours. Also, by keeping it short you lower your chances of saying something stupid.

To ask for her number you simply say; I’ve enjoyed talking with you but I’ve got to go (meet someone, go to work, whatever), give me your number and we’ll get together sometime and talk more. When she gives you her number you add it to your contacts right there and say; okay, got it! I’ll go ahead and send you a text that way you have my number too and you send her a text like hello, here’s my number.   Then you go on and finish your shopping and exit the store.

Ninja Tip

Don’t start texting her before you leave the parking lot! Doing that will make you look desperate. You want to wait a couple of days. If her interest is really high she will text or call you! If she hasn’t then after waiting for two or three days you can text or call her. By waiting for a little while you’ll increase her interest because she will be wondering if you’re going to call and will be more excited and open to going out when you do.

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