What are The Benefits of Doing 50 Sit-Ups a Day

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50 sit ups per day
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50 sit ups per dayby Alfred

Hey there fitness lover, it is glad that the title caught your attention and you came in to know how 50 sit-ups a day can transform and grow your overall physique plus your mental ability from 7 to 9.5 on a scale of 10.

No kidding here, you can drastically transform your total appearance just by doing sit-ups, all your love handles can run away, tummy can come in flat shape and your concentration can also increase.

If you still have doubts about this fact, then don’t worry by the end of the article you will clear all your doubts from your head. On a very serious note, it is really important for you to perform sit-ups with a perfect posture followed with a healthy diet plan or else just like many other people you could complain that the exercise didn’t work.

Now, if you are wondering what – ‘is my sit-ups proper or not’ you don’t have to worry about it either this article will cover the correct posture to perform sit-ups along with benefits of doing 50 sit-ups a day for a consistent period of time.

Here is a more interesting part of this article, it will also provide you with a couple of suggestions for cheap and easy to use gear that will make doing 50 sit-ups per day both easier and more productive.  So without further ado let us begin by understanding what exactly sit-ups are and how it is different from crunches.

Sit-Ups Verses Crunches

Athlete woman doing abdominal crunches exercise Side view concept fitness sport training.Sit-ups are not too much different from crunches, as sit-ups are an abdominal exercise that targets and hits abdominal muscles along with other muscles like hip flexors, lower back, chest and neck muscles. Crunches exercise is however single muscle targeting exercise i.e. only abdominal muscles, but it is a highly effective exercise of isolating the gut muscles resulting in the formation of those six-packs abs. Both the exercise have their pros and cons, but there is one common disadvantage of both the exercise that is, an improper form of the workout can result in back pain and can result in a back injury.

Note: Sit-ups and crunches alone cannot burn your stomach fat, even if it does scientifically you have to keep maintaining that part by eating a healthy low-fat diet and doing your cardio or aerobic exercise regularly.

Now, after reading and learning how sit-ups differ from crunches and clearing your doubt, let us move on to another topic that will cover how 50 sit-ups a day can help you transform into your desired and visualized body goal.

Benefits of doing 50 sit-ups a day

Sit-ups are a traditional and simple-form of exercise that works your transverse abdominals, obliques, and rectus abdominal. It has a larger range of motion which makes it a definite exercise that should be added to your workout along with 50-push-ups a day and 50-squits a day for a total body workout.

Here below are the benefits that sit-ups will provide you if you add it to your daily workout routine.

  • Core strength development
  • Provide strength to your diaphragm
  • Increase in muscle mass
  • Sit-ups prevent many injuries
  • Strengthen core muscles groups

Let’s take a closer look at each benefit below… there are others but these are the main benefits you’re most likely to receive by doing 50-sit-ups-a-day…

1: Core strength development

You know how much core strength is necessary right? If not, then imagine you are standing on a line and your back hurts for no reason and you no longer are able to stand in line anymore, or people comment that you have a weak posture. Criticisms are hurting but if you have the cure use it wisely.

Doing sit-ups regularly builds up those muscles that are responsible for activities like bending, standing straight or performing other athletic activities. So sit-ups by targeting that part of the muscles help it by initially breaking and building a stronger back when given proper fuel.

The core muscle provides the following advantage to our body:

Helps to lift weights helps in a general movement like bending and standing straight giving balance to the body strengthen back perform athletic activities with ease

2: Provide strength to your diaphragm

The diaphragm is responsible for performing the respiratory function in the body that means if the diaphragm is strong the respiratory function is also strong, this strength is directly linked to the overall endurance in the body along with stability in breathing pattern and increase in athletic activities.

So yes, performing sit-ups have an indirect or call it a direct impact on your breathing, regulating your blood pressure and lowering stress, etc.

3: Increase in muscle mass

A study and research done on old women in 2016, resulted that women who were able to perform sit-ups have fewer chances of losing muscle mass from their bodies as they age.

This losing muscles with age phenomenon are called Sarcopenia, which can be brought into a level if you are engaged in exercises that hit your abdomen muscles.

4: Sit-ups prevent many injuries

Muscle spasm is considered as one of the most painful injuries, but think if you have control over your muscles, you can prevent such injuries. Sit-ups let you control the core muscles that is responsible for giving balance in the body, providing flexibility, improving posture.

Strengthening your core muscles will allow you to prevent loss of balance and fall when you will grow old. Sit-ups give you flexibility in your hip and spinal region that allows more mobility and less chance of tightness of the muscles.

5: Sit-ups is an exercise with multiple variations

Though the exercise will target the abdominal, chest, hip muscles but after a long period of time will get used to and won’t be as effective as before but variation in your exercise will help you to constantly alter your moves so that the muscles get a fresh breakdown every time. Here is some variation that you can try:

1. Change the position of your hand from behind the head to – the front.

2. Put your legs on a raised platform like a bed for more intensity

3. To increase the effort you can hug a weight and continue with your sit-ups.

4. The farthest you can go is with weighted and inclined sit-ups in a single set.

6: Strengthen core muscles groups

As mentioned earlier about sit-ups as multiple abdominal muscle hitting exercise, here are the exact muscles that sit-ups hits along with the muscles’ functioning.

Hip Flexors – This muscle includes Rectus femoris muscle, Rectineus muscle, Iliacus muscle, Psoas muscle, Sartorius muscle. These muscle groups’ works in such a way that allow you to bend your knee towards your torso. Riding a bicycle, climbing stairs, running and other such movements are impossible without this muscle.

Back muscles – Sit-ups not only target your abdominal muscles but your lower back and upper back too, which is responsible for lifting weights, keeping the spine straight, etc.

Chest Muscles – Movement like adduction, and flexion of arms are controlled by the chest muscles that are directly linked with abdominal muscles. So strengthening your abs will give a direct impact on your chest muscles as well as your diaphragm, even though both muscles are separate.

Neck Muscles – To provide structural support to the head, the neck muscles are engaged, plus a weak neck can result in cervical spine injury. So it is advisable to strengthen your neck muscles to prevent such permanent injuries in your body. One exercise to strengthen the neck is right here- yes right, sit-ups.

Here were the benefits of doing 50 sit-ups a day. Please be advised to perform with the correct form otherwise the benefits mentioned will not be as effective as you plan.

If you are looking for the correct form’ then in the next paragraphs we will discuss and try to cover that part for you in most simple language.

The correct form of doing sit-ups

Here is something to note: If you are a beginner then you must perform the sit-ups and increase the intensity gradually for most effective results, and also the sit-ups have to be done in discipline sets. You can divide the sets according to your capacity but try to do 10 reps or above in one set.

Here are some sit-ups variation and how to perform them:

1: Traditional Sit-ups

Lie down on your back in a mat with your knee bend.In order to lengthen your back a little bit, tuck your chin to the chest now cross your arms with fingers touching the opposite shoulder or interlock your fingers behind your head.Throw out all the air from mouth while bringing your torso towards your thighs.And inhale while bringing your torso back to the floor.

2: Sit-ups on a gym ball

Sit on the gym ball keeping your feet flat on the ground.Keep tension on abs and slowly lean back towards the ball, your tailbone and mid-back should be touching the ball.Make sure while you go back, your feet are making a 90-degree angle on the floor.

While lifting your upper torso from the ball throw out all the air from your diaphragm.Take a second pause and then slowly repeat the process, don’t forget to inhale while you lean back.

3: Elbows to the knee sit-ups

In this form sit-ups, you have to interlock your fingers behind your skull.Lie down on your back.Bend your knees and lift the feet off the floor.Now twist your upper body in such a way that you are able to bring your right elbow and touch the left knee, meanwhile you bring your left knee towards the elbow.

Now perform the same action with alternate elbow and knee.Try to touch only once in one repetition.Don’t forget to exhale while leaning back and inhale while coming up.

4: V-up

While lying down on the floor extend your hand over your shoulder and straighten the legs in this exercise.Now raise your legs without folding too much and hands simultaneously towards the ceiling, making a V shape from a side point of view.Keeping an angle, try to hold the position from 4 to 5 seconds.

Now slowly lower down both hands and legs to the initial position. There you go, the proper form of four main variations of sit-ups. But if you want your form to be more accurate and need good results, you’ll need some awesome gears.

Gears for Sit-ups

1: TKO Sit Up Bar Door Attachment for Ab Toning and Training Universal Adjustable (click here to see it and check the price on Amazon.com).

A portable steel made device called sit up bar can be attached at the bottom of your doors. Perfect equipment to give your legs to stabilization for better focus on the exercise.

Features: Foam pads are installed for comfort. Durable steel construction.

2: BalanceFrom Core Mat Ab Mat Abdominal Mat Sit-Up Pad – Abdominal Trainer Mat. (Click here to see it and check the price on Amazon.com)

This is another equipment for sit-ups, place it under your spine to get full extension of the abdominal muscles.

Features: Lightweight and easy to carry around.Neither too soft nor too hard.

Final Words

Just like crunches but with small variation in the movement of the abdominal muscle sit-ups provide you a total workout of the abs and helps you tone in the desired way and for that, you really need to pay attention to your form or else the exercise session can go all in vain.

However, if you have read the article you might have learned the proper form to hit the exact abdominal muscles. Having said that, the form can be much more enhanced if you have proper gears and accessories with you on your exercise session.

So in an attempt to help you save your precious time browsing on the internet for a dependable gear the article has provided you a direct link to the buying page. Also, there is a review of the gear that you must consider.

There you go, everything you wished to learn about sit-ups is being presented in a very simple language for your convenience, hope you can make good use of this information and complete your fitness goals.

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Good Luck!

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