What are the benefits of doing 50 squats a day?

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What are the benefits of doing 50 squats a day?
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What are the benefits of doing 50 squats a day?

It is no more a secret, that to stay healthy and fit there is no better option than exercising well and daily. A fifteen-minute to half an hour session of exercise can do wonders for your health and overall wellness. Well, to begin with, you must know that about 90 percent of health disorders are caused due to our lazy and sedentary lifestyles and as a result of obesity and weight.

And what is more shocking to know that only about 3 percent of the people in the United States live a healthy and active lifestyle while a whopping 97 percent are living dangerously with loads of health conditions arising due to increasingly laidback lifestyle that involves little to almost no exercise.

But the good news is, that no matter how badly you are gripped into the clamps of this unhealthy way of life, it is never too late to embark on a journey of wellness and good health. You can, in fact, do some of the best exercises without even stepping out of the house. Experts from the fitness world have devised many helpful exercises that can be done at home and that can provide you with an all-round body exercise.

One such super exercise that you can include in your daily life is Squats. This is, in fact, a traditional exercise that needs no equipment. In this exercise, your body is, in fact, the equipment that you work with. Though in modern times, fitness regimes and methodologies have evolved and you may also see people in the gym adding weights to the squats. But, the basics of this exercise and how it is done remains the same. Let’s look at how Squats are done and then we will decode the benefits along the way.

Squats – The Origin

Squats are in fact one of the most fundamental positions of our lives. Our bodies are naturally made to squat but as we grow older our squat positions and forms go from bad to worse.  Forget squatting, at times we find it difficult to even bend and pick up something from the ground. We are sitting in unnatural postures and positions throughout the day, that is impacting our spine and overall health bigtime.

The evolution of mankind and the patterns suggest that we as human beings are genetically designed to squat too often and almost all our activities. However, the amenities of the contemporary world has made our lives more seamless and to such an extent that we no longer need to squat for any of our activities. And, the irony is that the same modern world looks at a natural ability of the human body as a very helpful exercise. Though, most of us would know how to squat let us tell you how a basic bodyweight squat is done.

Doing Squats the Right Away

Before we go any forward knowing how to do a squat in the right away is absolutely important to get all the benefits it claims. That’s because often doing an exercise the wrong way can lead to injuries and many other health issues. Let’s have a closer look at the Steps to do this exercise:

What are the benefits of doing 50 squats a day?Step 1:

Stand Upright and Tall in a proper and firm posture. Put your hands by your sides and your feet at shoulder-width apart. Your toes should be pointing forward for a proper form.

Step 2:

Maintain a straight back and keeping your core tight you can push your hips really back. Bend your knees and lower your body down until your thighs are at a position parallel to the ground. It’s like coming to a position to sit on a bench minus the bench.

While doing this step remember not to bend too far forward from the waist area. If you do that you put too much stress to your spinal area.

Step 3:

Take a short pause at Step 2 and then slowly raise your body up to the original position. This completes you one Squat purely on your Body Weight.

Do 50 reps of this exercise every time you do it and you will be amazed at the way it helps to improve your health and overall well-being. You can also combine weights along with the squats as well for the best results. Now that you know the process of doing your squats the right way, let us look at the glaring benefits of squats.

What are the benefits of doing 50 squats a day?

If you’re more advanced you can also do squats using free weights…

To begin with, we will start with the Physical Benefits of Squatting every day.

Squats – The Physical Benefits

Doing squats obviously, have far more benefits than just burning some calories. Squats are the main exercise in almost every men’s fitness program of athletes and trainers. These squats help you in achieving and making the most out of your workout routines. Here we have listed the physical benefits as under:

1. Doing squats regularly helps you in developing those rock-solid glutes that you always dreamt of. Since squats focus on almost all muscle groups, glutes are one of the main target areas of squats.

2. With regular and consistent reps of squats, you can enhance your thigh muscles including the area of your front things known as quads. As such squats can help improve your quad strength.

3. With squats focussing on your thigh muscles your hamstrings are also targeted. Which implies stronger hamstrings and better thigh muscles.

4. Along with the thighs doing squats regularly helps you in building your calf muscles as well. So your entire lower body is covered just by doing these 50 reps of squats.

5. Doing squats regularly helps you in increasing your leaps in a jump. That helps you stay prepared and ready for workouts that you need to do for weight loss and workout.

6. With squats, you can enhance and build your core strength as well. When included with all your other workouts it works wonder in establishing your core strength.

7. Squats will obviously be burning some calories with every rep. However, the calories burnt may be few if you rely on squats alone but when coupled with all other workouts it works just fine.

8. Doing squats regularly drastically improves the overall blood circulation of the body. The logic is simple, this exercise conditions the heart and thus pumps more blood thereby improving the overall blood circulation.

9. Doing Squats regularly disposes of the cellulite in our body. Squats target your major muscle groups of your entire body thereby helping in toning and getting rid of the saggy cellulite all over your body.

10. Involving squats in your daily routine improves the overall flexibility. That’s because squats help you get to positions and body postures that you rarely attain in your daily lives.

11. Doing squats regularly helps in improving the overall elasticity of the body and you will see a substantial improvement in your reflexes, thereby preventing some of the injuries that arise when your bodies are stiff due to no workout.

12. With proper squats regime and when done regularly, you can achieve a better posture of the spine. That’s simply because squats improve your spine by stretching it well.

13. Squats as you observed in the process and the way it is done is a low impact exercise, so you get the most out of this exercise without getting too spent and exhausted.

14. With improved blood circulation and a combination of all the effects, squats can act in the overall removal of waste and toxins from the body.

15. Since squats focus on almost all lower body and core muscle groups, the overall strength of your bones and joints improve. The more squats you do the better your bone strength becomes.

16. With improved and stronger lower body your mobility and overall balance increase manifold. A stronger lower body simply means better movements.

17. And if that was not all to expect from one exercise, doing squats regularly also triggers and increases the levels of testosterone in your body which implies increased libido.

18. Squats also help in increasing your resistance and endurance, and hence you will see your speeds are increasing while you are running.

19. Doing regular squats means you are triggering the processes of your body to produce optimum levels of hormones in your body.

20. When you are doing squats regularly, your motor patterns improve while you are exercising implies efficient workouts overall.

21. Squats undoubtedly help you in achieving the best leg shapes. Especially because they target almost all your leg muscles providing perfectly toned legs.

22. The activities involving your legs become seamless and easy because of the fact that your lower body gets wonderfully toned and slim.

23. When you are doing squats regularly your body aches and backaches diminish and are reduces completely in the long run.

24. With all the above benefits you can expect a boost in the overall performance of the body.

25. Last but not the least with improved performance, condition and strength you gradually transform yourself into a beast full of power.

Now that we have covered the physical benefits, let’s look at some of the psychological benefits as well.

Psychological Benefits of doing Squats

Apart from all the benefits that we listed there are some amazing psychological benefits of doing 50 squats a day. Let’s try and list some for you:

1. Conditions your mind for Mental Strength:

Squats are a hard exercise to do and not only do they increase your physical endurance of the body but they also help you in increasing the overall mental endurance. Squats help you push your limits to the highest degree thereby increasing your tolerance limits. That trains your mind to push a little harder every time wither while exercising or in real life.

2. Relieves Stress, Anxiety, and Signs of Depression:

Including squats regularly in your workout regime improves the levels of happy hormones in your body which helps you in getting rid of stress, anxiety or any signs of depression. Apart from that doing Squats regularly helps you to get rid of your sleep issues by helping you to relax better when you sleep and better sleep leads to a better day and elevated moods.

3. Builds Self Confidence, Boosts your Self-esteem:

Doing squats regularly means you are full of confidence due to that fit and fulfilling feeling and that in turn boosts your self-esteem. Not only that it helps you live with that pride of physical accomplishments that is greatly uplifting for your mood.

4. Helps in enhancing the Central Nervous System:

Including squats in your daily regime helps increase the overall capacity of your Central Nervous System. That’s because almost all the muscle groups get activated with this amazing exercise that trains the whole body to control the muscles centrally. Improved CNS means stronger brains and better control of the body.

5. Increase in concentration levels:

With all the benefits that this exercise does to your mind and body, it improves your overall focus and concentration levels as well. That means you can focus well on whatever you do in a better and more effective way.

That covers more or less all the benefits of Squats in a rather comprehensive manner.

Final Takeaway

Now that we have covered almost all the aspects of this wonderful exercise, it is fair to say that this is one of the best exercises that you can opt for. Whether you are a gym rat trying to build your core and lower body strength or a mere mortal trying to embark on a journey of wellness from all the obesity and illness, this exercise is the right one for you.

But, of course, hard work has no replacements but if you can take this little pain of doing this low-intensity exercise, you will reap those sweetest rewards for a lifetime.

So, without wasting any further time, do those 50 reps right away and watch yourself transform into a man of amazing prowess, truly, in mind, body, and spirit.

M.D. Creekmore

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